"100% Angst Free!"
"Unleaded Only"
"Accept no substitutes!"
"Unprecedented douchebaggery since 1992!"
"Pick up that can!"
"You know, for kids!"
"Contains small pieces, suitable for ages 15 and up."
"The Game"
"Never gonna give you up..."
"Sent from my ThinkPad."
"Cyclic Redundancy Error"
"No user input devices detected, press Return to continue."
"Don't even blink."
"Contains humor unsuitable for adults."
"Known in the state of California to cause cancer."
"Format C:\"
"Push butan, reciev bacon!"
"Violates the C.F.A.A.!"
"Eh blogs and doesn't afraid of anything."
"Combustible Lemons"
"There is a time and place for science, and it is always and everywhere!"
"Use WinNuke on!"
"Made in Firefox!"
"Industrial-Grade Absurdity!"
"I accidentally the whole thing."
"Redundant Adventures in Redundancy!"
ಠ_ರೃ "Dapper as fuck."
"Fuck SOPA!"
"Duck Auto-Correct!"
"Everybody walk the dinosaur!"
"Rated 0 on the Kinsey scale!"
"Neo-Nazis Suck!"
"United as one, divided by zero!"
"Fight apathy! Or don't, whatever."
"Always outnumbered, never outgunned!"
"Don't stop believin'!"
"Every toothpick is 0.0001% tree-hugger!"
"Abortion is spawn-camping!"
"Don't make me get my E-Lawyer and call the Cyber-Police!"
"Not to be taken with alcohol."
"/b/ is a great source of technical support!"
"Don't forget to clear your cookies and browsing cache!"
"Sent from my Android device."
"They're called SUPPRESSORS, not SILENCERS, dammit!"
".40 S&W is superior to .45 ACP in most combat situations, giving superior penetration power and superior magazine capacity as well as less recoil."
".357 SIG should replace 9mm in combat handguns!"
"Right to remain silent" is replacing "Right to Freedom of Speech."

Not the most exciting “Stuff I Bought” post, but here’s why this screwdriver set is great; it comes with those funky hard-to-find bits for triangular screws and pentagonal star screws that show up in stuff you’re not meant to take apart.

If you grew up in the McDonald’s era you’ll remember how they always used those damn triangular screws on their Happy Meal toys so that you couldn’t take them apart. Now you can show them who’s boss!

Get your own set over at DealExtreme for only $10!

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